Toast & Butter Daiquiri - Created for Be At One 2018

Toast & Butter Daiquiri - Created for Be At One 2018

Cocktail Design

Liquid Intellect is the result of the collaboration between two award winning bartenders who have shaped some of London’s best bars.
We provide a unique, on trend consultancy with a focus on modern bar techniques, sustainability & balance.
Creating journeys of flavour, with drinks that tell stories in every sip, using nostalgic and thought provoking ingredients, we are able to take the drinking experience to a different realm.
We invent flavours & create imaginative cocktails that delight the mouth & excite the mind.
Our cocktails are subject to intense development to create a precise, balanced & sensory experience.
We look to other trades for inspiration- To those that truly understand how to stimulate every sense, perfumers, chefs, artists… The list goes on. We reject gimmicks and put flavour first to give the guest a true representation of what is possible with liquid whilst delivering beautifully simplistic, Nordic inspired drinks.

Bar Design

Efficiency cannot be taught. It has to be learned over a long career. The Liquid Intellect team have worked in some of the busiest bars in the country & have designed multiple venues.
We can begin with just a location and transform every detail of an empty space into a beautiful drinking environment. We can design every inch of the venue, from bar layout to interiors, to the little touches to turn a good venue into a great one.
With contacts built up over a long career, Charles & Eleanor have the relationships to bring in the best tradesmen in the business who understand the importance of bar efficiency. Breaking the mould, thinking outside the box and creating innovative bar designs comes with experience.
A degree in architecture & an understanding of what a bartender needs to be fast makes our bar design service unlike any other designers.
We can deliver architectural drawings for bar interiors, design custom stations, maximise space in an existing venue, and enhance the experience for the guest and the staff through forward thinking design programmes.


The Liquid Intellect team has many years of both bartending and management experience behind them. This has led to an in-depth understanding of how humans learn & respond to instructions & training. With a carefully developed training manual, ranging from bar techniques to modernist kitchen techniques, we deliver informative practical training sessions along side a detailed theoretical notebook.
Working in various types of venues, the Liquid Intellect team can develop bartenders speed, agility & precision alongside customer service and hospitality.
The Liquid Intellect LAB can be a place for training too, with a wide range of modernist bar equipment ranging from rotary evaporators, to centrifuge units & ultra sonic homogenisers.

Back of House development

Managing the BOH can be a daunting task. The Liquid Intellect team has developed in-depth compliance diary’s & BOH management to improve organisation & make things easier for you managers to stay compliant and on top of their paperwork.
An organised BOH can improve quality in products, ensure the smooth running of the business and save the business owner money.